You are Invited to Host Lady Zhe’s Elevate Tour Concert Series

Welcome to You have been sent this link because you are a pastor of a church that Lady Zhe and the HOPE Foundation wants to encourage to host a concert.  I am a member of Greater Harvest Church of God In Christ, and Superintendent Gerald Johnson is my Pastor. In observation of the past two years it has become clear to me that COVID has had a negative affect on in person church attendance. This concert series has been designed to draw people back to the sanctuaries.

Each host church will get 30% of the proceeds after the expenses of light promo, and paying the band. Each host church is being asked to supply the beginning entertainment before Lady Zhe plays. The entire purpose of this event is to draw as many people as possible to your church in a fun manner so that the gospel and good news might be shared and simultaneously fundraise for the host church.

This is a grassroots concert series that is being jointly produced/sponsored by Lady Zhe, The SEO Queen, and The LA South Chamber’s HOPE Foundation. You can read the latest press release here.

Please fill out the form below so that we may book you on the calendar. All logistics will be confirmed once we have a date on the calendar at your host church.

God Bless you and may he keep you in this time!


Lady Zhe