Inspirational Songs: The Genesis of Elevate: New Electric Violin Music

Lady Zhe Electric Violinist

Today, April 30, 2019 is the day of the first limited release of my new inspirational music single, Elevate.

This inspirational song is currently available on all  major and independent digital platforms in South Korea.

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This song was inspired by the community I grew up in: Long Beach, California.

A little over a year ago, I had a conversation with Jason Hunter, a fellow Long Beach Polytechnic Alumni. We were working together in the community to help create more affordable housing.  We had reviewed the statistics that the small black or African American population is dwindling due to high rents, lack of jobs, and affordable housing. As a result we sprung into action.  With Jason’s energy along with many others in the community a dialogue began and action took place.

So  as I was working with the community in 2018, Jason Hunter and I began to dialogue about the city of Long Beach. We were working together to lobby the city of Long Beach to approve the development of affordable housing on the empty lot on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Martin Luther King.

This development proposal brought us to Long Beach’s Mayor office, city council meetings, and many more conversations with community stakeholders. During the course of this campaign I had the chance to get to know Pastor Steve Richardson, another Long Beach Polytechnic High School Alumni.

I will never forget the prayer he prayed for me at Good News Church of God In Christ, located in Long Beach.

During the course of this affordable housing campaign Jason Hunter and I had another discussion.

We agreed that it was sad to see how many people are being left out. However we wanted to inspire the community as well.  In America today there is such a high rise of social media, suicide, and depression. We wanted to encourage and inspire others.

So the one word that came to mind was: Elevate. Not only did we want a song that was about Elevating our minds and our community, we wanted a song that was a nod to one of the most prolific musical artists to graduate from Long Beach Polytechnic High School and live in Long Beach: Snoop Dogg. We discussed that it would be awesome to have a song that modeled the G-Funk Sound. So when we settled on the concept, I went to work.

I reached out to one of my friends and collaborators, the genius: Los N Music the Producer. Los N Music has worked with artists such as:  Jhene Aiko and other indie artists in the Detroit Metro area. I described to him how I wanted the beat to sound and feel. He got it recorded and sent to me in a week, and I when I heard it I got so excited I called Jason Hunter up and had him listen to it over the phone. During that conversation I wrote the melody for the hook:

Elevate Your Mind and Spirt

Elevate Your Body and Soul

Elevate Your Mind and Spirit

Elevate, Elevate.

Then once I had the hook written the beginning string part just came to me out of the ether. I was in the zone. Fast forward a year later, and Elevate has morphed in to an inspirational Jazz Fusion song that I am very proud of. I am proud of the lyrics, string arrangement, and the ultimate intent of this song.

This song was recorded in Burbank at the studio of Eddie Ginn Jr.

Elevate Written and performed by Lady Zhe

Words by Lady Zhe & Larry Ginn

Music by Lady Zhe

Vocals: Lady Zhe & Larry Ginn

Vocal Arrangement: Larry Ginn

Violins: Lady Zhe

Production by Los N Music The Producer

Audio Recording Engineer: Eddie Ginn

Digital Marketing: TSQ Marketing Inc

Publicist: Lynn Allen Jeter and Associates

Logo: Nemoi Advertising

It is my hope and prayer that this music gives your spirit peace, and you elevate to new levels in your life. I firmly believe that there is room at the table of success for everyone.

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